Complete Solution of Electropneumatic Positioner
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Xiaomi Mi 9 Transparent edition will have a special 7P f/1.47 camera
22 Feb 2019

You'll probably be hard pressed to remember, but before Samsung's onslaught of announcements today, Xiaomi also unveiled the M...

Maruti Suzuki Cars To Become 95 Per Cent Recoverable And 85 Per Cent Recyclable
20 Feb 2019
New Maruti Suzuki Cars will become more reusable as the company adopts the globally acclaimed International Material Data System (IM...
20 Feb 2019
Sign-IO is a sign-language-to-speech-translation glove developed to address the language barrier between sign-language users and the...
What Is the Difference Between Lime & Cement?
20 Feb 2019

Lime has been used in construction for thousands of years, and can be used as a strong, durable mortar that enhances the home and redu...

Adding Lime to Concrete
20 Feb 2019
Lime is an excellent addition to your concrete mix, but you must use the right amount for your application. Too much could mean you ...
New Building Material- Freshly Ground Lime Instead of Cement
20 Feb 2019

By the end of the Nineteenth century, the British rulers had imported ‘Cement’ to India and commenced discouraging the met...

All-New 2019 Honda Civic Comes With 8 Segment-First Features In India
20 Feb 2019
The tenth generation Honda Civic will go on sale on March 7 and pre-bookings have commenced across all authorised dealerships for Rs...
In India, e-waste recycling comes at a heavy cost to workers’ health and environment
19 Feb 2019
For as little as $4 a day, Indian workers process dangerous, toxic waste by hand. This unregulated, highly polluting industry is hid...
How to uninstall and disable preinstalled apps on Android
19 Feb 2019
Got a new Android phone that's full of unwanted apps? We explain how to remove or hide those pesky preinstalled apps and free up...
15 ‘critical’ features missing in WhatsApp
18 Feb 2019
WhatsApp has launched a range of features to make the instant chat platform more useful for the users. Unsure then that the instant ...
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